Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dilema dtg lg...

before this aku ade post psl dilema aku sama ada nk beli tiket concert suju or SE x10....dilema 2 dah settle sbb parents aku dah bnr aku beli both of them...but now..new dilema came and bite me at my butt....concert suju clash dgn course dinner!!!!!what da hell! nape sume ni terjadi....hukhuk....i really want to go to SUPER JUNIOR  concert coz they does not came to Malaysia often....but at the same time i want to go to my course dinner coz it will be my last dinner together with my classmates....yela..kn dah final sem...although the date of my course dinner might change coz it has not been confirm yet...but still...what should i do if the dinner is on the same night as the concert as been told earlier?...oh dear! what should i do now?!
pre grad nite last semester...best!

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